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About Us

Powerwash Bros employs a staff of six technicians, front office support, and will soon cut a ribbon on its new headquarters in Morgantown. “I love my job,” Wood said. “I love making people happy — and people are very happy when their home or business is sparkling clean.”

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Dedicated To Our Customers

We’re WV’s #1 reviewed pressure washing company. Mitch Wood assures five-star service when Powerwash Bros cleans your residential or commercial property. You won’t find many other companies who guarantee that kind of customer satisfaction. “At the end of every job, we walk around the house or building with the homeowner or property manager and if they’re not willing to say ‘that’s five-star service’ then we’re not finished,” he said. “There’s no middle ground in cleaning — it’s either clean or it’s not. It’s about doing the best job possible for our customers.” This attitude has made Powerwash Bros one of West Virginia’s fastest growing small businesses. 

In 2008, Wood opened a car washing and detailing company in Myrtle Beach and discovered his love for making things pristine. But college called and Wood, who grew up in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, enrolled at Fairmont State University and began taking pre-dentistry classes. “I quickly discovered I hated being inside all the time,” he said. “I like being outside, working with my hands.” One day, after cleaning her car, an elderly woman asked Mitch if he would kindly use his high-pressure hose to clean the side of her house, too. He did, it looked great — and at that point, something clicked: West Virginia needed cleaning. A really good cleaning. This epiphany led to Wood founding what is now Powerwash Bros. 

“Everyone can relate to cleaning — everyone,” he said. “There’s something about cleaning, about decluttering, that leads to stress relief. “In the Bible, it talks about ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and I believe most people think that’s true,” he said. Wood has made that biblical passage a cornerstone of Powerwash Bros’ business philosophy. 

Wood’s company, he said, employs only the best equipment (high-powered Honda’s) that incorporate the toughest cleaning solutions (algaecides, which attack even the hardest strains). And his advanced pressure washing equipment can reach up to five stories from the ground. “We’ve cleaned a church steeple five stories tall and never left the ground,” he said. 

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